When Should I Get My Flu Shot?

I cannot believe that summer is over and we’ve got to start wearing shoes and socks, much less sweaters. Also, the Flu shot signs are cropping up everywhere and it seems too soon.   It’s not, according to the CDC, Flu season runs from October to May, peaking in December, January and February.   So […]

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The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and YOU!

The Affordable Care Act will affect you in many ways, some positive and some negative but overall it should make healthcare more accessible, and hopefully affordable. Time will tell but for me, optimism prevails. This will be an ongoing aspect of my blog posts and I hope you will find the information both useful and […]

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How to avoid Nursing Bottle Syndrome!

Many babies and young children suffer from extensive tooth decay. A baby’s mouth, like yours and mine, is full of bacteria. These bacteria feed on sugars found in the liquids there. Many parents put their baby to sleep with a bottle to soothe and settle them down. Unfortunately the fluid (milk or juices) from the […]

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